ethical fashion.

Sustainable fashion means supporting and developing women skills in craftsmanship, giving them training, a job, a better wage and a flexible work-life balance. Success is about the well-being of who made what we wear. All our workers and their family have free access to our private medical health cover. As we mostly employ women, we are very flexible about them working from home or bringing their children in the workshop if they really need to because when they worry about their children, they often do not manage to keep their job. We are also engaged to give 5% of our profit to social action in poor area in Madagascar capital city. 

raffia crochet

sustainable materials.

But sustainable also implies being aware of the climate change.We want to share our love for natural materials so we only use raffia, cotton and silk, all native materials from Madagascar. Therefore we choose to locally source 99% of our materials in Madagascar to limit unnecessary CO2 emission with transportation.The cotton fabric we use for our bags and for our clothing line is grown and woven in Madagascar.The characteristic of the Malagasy wild silk fabric is that the silkworms are not farmed but grow in the forest and all the process to produce this silk is entirely handmade from unreeling to weaving. That make the fabric structure very unique.A lot of people is always wondering what raffia is. So raffia is a soft and flexible fiber from a palm native to Madagascar. It is used a lot in the manufacturing of malagasy handcrafts.  We only use cotton made in Madagascar to promote local economy.

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