Why Nosy be is the real paradise in earth?

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First I have to say Madagascar is not the first destination people consider when thinking about an holiday. I am always surprised by the question people ask me all the time "Madagascar, where is it?". What is more surprising is when I tell anyone it is an island near Mauritius, they instantly manage to locate where Madagascar is. So, yes Madagascar is an island near Mauritius but it is 300 times bigger, it is not a mass tourism destination and it offers an unspoiled nature and amazing wildlife. Madagascar is definitely a luxury travel destination. That is the reason I want to write this blog: to make you discover my beautiful country Madagascar. 

So the first stop to this blog is Nosy be (Big Island). Nosy be with its surrounding islands is protected by a coral reef that makes its warm sandy beach so thin that you think it has been sifted and the sea so crystal clear. I've been there many times and I have to admit when I'm thinking for a new holiday  in Madagascar I find it hard to change destination. The time seems to stop when you are there and the atmosphere smells vanilla. The weather is always pretty good in this region: sure it's hot all year long but not too humid and it rarely rains. The accommodation is great and people are always friendly and smiling, what not to like.


Things to do: Nosy Komba for its lemurs jumping on your shoulders and its handmade embroidery, Nosy Iranja for its breathtaking idyllic beaches, Nosy Tanikely for scuba diving and of its amazing coral reef wildlife.Where to stay: Ravintsara Wellness Hotel, Royal beach hotel, Andilana Beach Resort, Vanilla Hotel & Spa

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Caroline Randria