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about us


- A bit of story -

Originally from Madagascar its designer Caroline Randria through Maraïna wishes to promote the know-how of Malagasy artisans and participate in the development of a fairer trade. Having lived in Paris, Singapore and now London, she actually always wanted to closely work with her country of origin and participate at her level to its economic growth. She wants to show that handcrafted products are not just some souvenirs you buy on holidays but can be beautiful quality products when good technical and design support are provided.

The art of crocheting is something innate in these artisans especially women or maybe it comes by the fact that it is one of those skills that have been passed by generation and it becomes for them very easy to master. So, Caroline wished to highlight these women talents, the art of weaving different materials and a brilliant natural material available in Madagascar, raffia to make her bags collection. Each bag is meticulously crocheted and required several working hours, sometimes days to make. For having always lived in big vibrant cities, she especially designs handbags that fit the hectic lifestyle of the modern woman in search of simplicity and beauty. 

She later decided to launch a clothing collection dedicated to luxury travel. She thought that introducing to the international market the wild Malagasy silk, a traditional silk used by Malagasy aristocratie from the 16th to the 19th century. Since then, it become a piece of luxury. She also wanted to showcase how Malagasy artisans master the art of handmade embroidery inherited from British and French influence. The Line included kaftans and kimonos with minimalist  and timeless designs and are crafted to fit perfectly to our luxury traveller woman lifestyle.





We want to share our love for natural materials so we only use raffia and cotton, two materials grown in Madagascar.

The cotton fabric we use for our bags and for our clothing line is grown and woven in Madagascar.

The characteristic of the Malagasy wild silk fabric is that the silkworms are not farmed but grow in the forest and  all the process to produce this silk is entirely handmade from unreeling to weaving. That make the fabric structure very unique.

A lot of people is always wondering what raffia is. So raffia is a soft and flexible fiber from a palm native to Madagascar. It is used a lot in the manufacturing of malagasy handcrafts.  We only use cotton made in Madagascar to promote local economy.

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Our Values.

Maraina wants to encompass ethical values whilst remaining on the cutting edge of style. We hope to encourage and support the next generation of craftswomen from Madagascar but not only. We aim to collaborate with more artisans especially women in other developing countries to promote their works and give them a better visibility on the fashion market. Our values are social responsibility, integrity, learning, women empowerment, love and style.

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